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Wedding transportation is one of the most crucial aspects of any wedding and one the bride will not compromise on; early planning is important. In a wedding setting picking the best limo services Toronto is also an art in a way.

Here’s what to look for when securing your perfect wedding transportation:

Work With a Budget

This is the first thought that comes to mind as regards bridal transportation especially when running on a tight budget. A good means of transport on the wedding day is a must-have even at small wedding parties which is why it is prudent to think this through. Different limos will have different price tags depending on the type and the modifications of the vehicle. More luxurious vehicles will tend to be more expensive whilst those closer to the basics will be cheaper. Although the amount of money you have will be a huge determinant when hiring a limo for your big day, the trick is to work closely with the limo company and get help securing a ride that suits your budget.

Know Your Options

There are a number of limos Toronto will have in the market not to mention companies offering them and so you will need to know what your options are. Most luxury vehicles will range from SUVs and stretch cars to vans and buses. Hiring a bus is ideal if you want to pick the whole party of groom’s men and the bridal team along for the ride whilst the cars and SUVs are ideal for smaller groups. The SUVs include the Lincoln, Chevrolets and Escalades. The stretch car limos will include Chryslers, the Phantom and Benzes. Your preference will matter at this stage for the sole purpose of enjoyment and satisfaction.

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Commit Yourself

Any reliable limo taxi Toronto will work on a time schedule and will more than often charge based on the hours of hire. It is important that you also commit yourself to keeping time as extensions will cost you more in terms of fines and extra charges. Be on time to ensure the events of the day run smoothly.

Know When Fees Apply

It is important to note that every limo company will have extras on extra charges such as champagne, Wi-Fi, cakes, meals and entertainment. Knowing what these are and how much the cost will save you the embarrassment of assuming that they were included in the original costing.

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