Prom Limo Bus

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Have a toast on your special night in a luxury Prism limo

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Prom & Graduation Limo Bus Services

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Going to the Prom? Homecoming? Spring Dance? There’s only one way to go, and that’s in style. For special nights like these, you deserve some special treatment. Let Prism’s friendly, professional chauffeurs pamper you with courteous service and a commitment to quality. Imagine what your friends will say when you pull up in one of Prism’s hot fleet of vehicles. And your parents will be impressed, because they know you’ll arrive at the event and back home safely.

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A Complete Package Specially Designed For Your Special Night.

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Prism provides Toronto limousine bus services with a 5-hour Prom Package, which includes plenty of time for pictures, the Prom, and transportation to the After-Prom party or home. Reserve early and let us make Prom night one you’ll always remember.

Arrive safely and in style in one of Prism’s fleet of classy, contemporary vehicles, loaded with a number of exclusive amenities to make your school event a night to remember. Our limousines bus include LCD TVs, DVD players, state-of-the-art music systems with CD players, mirrored ceilings with stargazer effect, neon lights, advanced fiber-optic lighting and mirrors to make your ride even more fun and memorable.

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A Special Note For Parents:

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At Prism Limousine Bus, we know that your children are the most precious cargo we’ll ever carry. And we take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why we’re the best choice for your son or daughter on Prom Night. All of our vehicles are properly licensed and insured, and our chauffeurs are more than just someone with a license – they’re parents with families of their own. They know how to handle kids, and understand how important they are to you. So you can rest assured that your child is in a safe, reliable vehicle with a driver you can trust.

Our standards are another reason you can rest easy on Prom Night. We encourage parents to get involved with their kids in planning Prom Night activities. It’s all part of our commitment to providing the highest quality of service – and the highest standards of ethics – in our industry. So your kids can have safe, clean fun on Prom Night and you can have peace of mind.

For safe, secure and worry-free transportation to and from your school event, call Prism Limousine Service – Toronto Limousine Buses.

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Comfort and Luxury without Breaking the Bank

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The single biggest reason why most people won’t move forward with renting a limousine is the thought that it is going to be outrageously expensive for a single night of use.

When it comes to prom and/or graduation, what most need to remember is those attending will usually do so in larger groups.  That being said, it is must easier to rent a larger limousine that will fit everyone and then let the larger group split the cost to help bring it down.  Furthermore, we ensure that we will always offer the best possible rate for any of the vehicles being used from our extensive fleet.

Need a Limo Bus Rental Service for Prom?

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Need a Limo Rental Service for Prom? Don’t think that prom limos are just for rich teens – you’ll be surprised at how affordable they can be! You don’t have to spend a fortune for good limo bus service and a reliable driver. Prism Limousines offers inexpensive prom packages for high school students in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Second to only graduation, the prom is the most important event in a student’s life. Whether you’re the student or the parent concerned about your teen’s safety on prom night, you’ll want to hire the safest limo service rental possible. We guarantee that all of our vehicles are equipped with plenty of safety features and that our drivers are experienced and insured.

Dressed in formal wear and ready to enjoy the night, students want to arrive to the event in style. Limousines in various sizes are available for small to extra large groups. Since the girls will be wearing long prom dresses, you’ll want to give them extra room, so it might be ideal to go with a slightly larger limo bus than what you think you’ll need.

Why Rent a Prom Limo Bus?

There are a number of reasons why limousine rental is the ideal mode of transportation on prom night:

  • Safety – Even though they’re not supposed to, many students choose to drink on prom night. Don’t risk letting your kids drink and drive or getting into the car of another student who has been driinking – arrange for a dependable, experienced chauffer to drive them around.
  • Memories – it’s already supposed to be a special, memorable night, why not make it even more so by arranging for a ride in a luxurious limo?
  • Peace of mind – Booking a limo for prom night gives a peace of mind to everyone involved. Students feel a peace of mind that they are going to arrive to the prom in style. Parents have a peace of mind when they know their kids are in good hands and will arrive at their destination on time. They will also have access to be able to contact the driver in case they need to know where their child is or get in touch in case of emergency.

Why Choose Prism Limousines?

It’s important that you choose a limo rental company that has experience with special events, such as proms. If you’re the parent, our chauffeurs will abide by the curfew you put forth. We also offer more services than just a roundtrip to and from the prom from the home or other designated spot. We’ll work with you to come up with a custom schedule specified to your needs, so that there will be time for prom photos and other events.

Our limo buses come with plenty of features to keep teens entertained during the ride: comfortable seats, music, DVD players, water and ice, mood lighting, surround sound stereo, etc.

Prism’s chauffeurs have experience with rowdy, excited crowds, and know all of the routes around the GTA.

Booking a Prom Limo Bus

Spring is a busy time for limousine rental services, due to all of the proms and spring weddings. It’s a good idea to reserve your limo for at least a month in advance. Let us know if the limo ride will just be for one couple, a few couples, or a large group of friends so that we can help you determine which vehicle would be best. We have mini buses and limo buses for groups of 20+ passengers.

Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions. Simply call or fill out a contact form.

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