Party Bus Rentals

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Whether you are planning a special event, corporate party or girls’ night out, our party bus rental service will take you anywhere you want to go

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Party Bus Rentals Services

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Prism Limousine has modern party buses to pick you up and drop you off at your preferred location. We can take you all over Toronto, stop wherever you want and most importantly, ensure you have fun.

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Bus Features

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Each of our buses come with the latest music systems, an MP3/iPod hookup to allow you to choose your favorite music, state of the art sound system, sleek leather seats, disco lights and so much more. Each feature is designed to ensure everyone onboard enjoys fun and total relaxation. Prism Limousine is certainly the best if you want to rent a party bus for a special occasion, wedding, birthday party, bachelor party or just a night of fun.

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Special Occasions

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After wearing the perfect dress or tux, the next thing you need is to arrive to that special event in style. Relax. Prism Limousine will get you to prom or any other special occasion in class and comfort. We have just the perfect party bus Toronto for your special occasion. We have a team of professional drivers who are able to get you to the venue safe and secure.

We’ll provide a fully equipped party bus to crown your holiday party. Whether you are travelling as a group or as a couple, we’ll show you how to enjoy a safe ride home after a night of fun and laughter. Prism Limousine has a very well maintained fleet of party buses. We’ll pick just the right party bus for prom, anniversary or any other special day.


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Every bridal party needs to be assured of style, comfort and pampering when choosing the mode of wedding transport. From the moment our chauffeur arrives, you’ll be glad you chose Prism Limousine. We can help you plan every aspect of your wedding transport. We’ll handle every detail of the transportation with professionalism and care.

We advise clients to start planning for their wedding transport as early as possible; if possible a year in advance. This gives us an opportunity to book the best party buses for your occasion. We can even include special services upon your request.

Whether you want to have a bachelor or bachelorette party on the day before the wedding in one of our party buses or just hang out with a group of friends in our party bus, we’ll guarantee your safety and comfort. We have party buses with top-of the line sound systems to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your trip.

Party Bus Rentals Toronto

Birthday Parties

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Birthday Bus Rentals in Toronto Want to plan a great birthday party? Start off with a great idea. We’ll give you a modern party bus with a professional and courteous driver to ensure you enjoy your birthday with a group of friends. Whether you want to go to a concert, shopping, sightseeing or golfing on your birthday weekend, our party bus rentals will pick you and drop you off safe and secure.

The earlier you reserve the party bus the better. We’ll make sure your preferred party bus is available on the date/time you select. Start shopping for a party bus for your birthday at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to enable us find a package that’s ideal for you. We also suit the needs of larger groups of 12 or more. We’ll choose a party bus that is big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. We encourage our customers to give us more details about the party to allow us to choose the ideal party bus and get the most accurate quote.

We’ll find a birthday party bus that has the space, features and look that’s perfect for your birthday celebration. Book a party bus that has at least one or two extra seats. You may opt to enjoy music from the party bus or come with your iPod to play your favorite tunes. We offer you photos, descriptions and videos of all our party buses with information on all the amenities provided. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have before your birthday celebration.

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Bachelor Party_Girls’ Night Out Party Bus Toronto

Girls’ Night Out/Bachelor Party

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Looking for the ultimate bachelor party or girls’ night out? Prism Limousine can customize the ideal package for you. We’ll choose the perfect limo or party bus to make sure everyone has a unique and memorable experience. Enjoy the refreshments offered aboard the limo without having to worry about getting caught up in traffic or getting lost in unfamiliar routes.

We’ll get you ladies to your favorite joints fun and safely. You will all enjoy since everyone will be chauffeured to their destination by a professional and friendly driver. Our party buses have security cameras and GPS tracking so we can keep track of where the bus is at any time.
We are happy to pick up and drop off clients in the middle of the night as late as 3 am and 4am. From the trendy décor to the impeccable sound system, lounge area, you might find your guests enjoying the party bus much more than the venue.

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Choose Prism Limousine party bus rental

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At Prism Limousine, we take pride in every party bus rental we send to pick our clients. We ensure our buses are clean, well maintained and in pristine condition to give customers value for their money. Our drivers are safe and fully licensed in Brampton. We’ll make it a priority to provide exceptional customer service and ensure you enjoy your experience.

If you are looking for style, comfort and safety for your next celebration, get in touch with us to discuss your options. We’ve helped numerous clients in Mississauga plan birthday parties, weddings and special occasions by fitting the most ideal party bus in their plans. Our party buses can accommodate large and small groups, group tours and special requests to make your event stand out.

Share with us your wishes when organizing your event and we’ll give you a quotation that is fair and customized for your unique needs.
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