Night On The Town

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Take a tour around town in Toronto’s most reliable and luxurious limo bus company

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Night On The Town

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Whether it’s a romantic date night with that special someone, or simply a fun night out with friends, you want everything to be perfect. From the food to the entertainment to what you wear, everything has to be first-class. So why squeeze into that compact car or pile into a messy minivan? Make your toronto limo ride first-class with a luxurious Prism Limo. It will raise your night on the town to another level.

Remember, especially with Toronto limo bus transportation services, you get what you pay for. Beware of cut-rate transportation services that promise great service at low prices. Chances are you won’t get a sparkling late-model vehicle or every amenity imaginable, like the ones we offer at Prism Limousine Service.

You can cruise around town in a brand new Lincoln Navigator or acool H2 Hummer. Plus, we offer personalized service and professional chauffeurs who are fully trained to ensure the comfort and security of our clients. They’re courteous, conscientious and committed to serving your every need. So all you have to do is relax and enjoy your special evening in a Toronto limo bus, with no worries about designating a driver or getting in trouble for drinking and driving.

So make your next night on the town the best night you’ve ever had

You can give us a call at 416-913-1088

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Class Combined With Comfort

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Who doesn’t like being treated like royalty?  Arriving at a venue in a stylish luxury vehicle will have everyone looking to see which celebrity is going to get out.  Be the centre of attention for that extra special night you have been planning.  Everyone deserves to feel like a star and we can help make it happen.

Not only is our entire fleet eye-catching, they are also offer the ultimate total package of comfort, style and luxury.  All of the cars are climate controlled and offer enough seating and foot room for even the tallest of people.  Let Prism Limousine show you what true royalty looks and feels like.

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Why Choose Prism Limousine?

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When renting a luxury limousine bus in Toronto, Prism Limousine should be at the top of mind.  We have been in the industry offering top notch service for the last 10 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our vehicles and drivers are all top of the line and we guarantee customer satisfaction is a key component of our business.

Call us today and see what sets us apart from the competition!
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