About Us

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Prism Limousine is committed to delivering only the utmost in class and distinction, we offer complete corporate and personal toronto limo services to satisfy even the most demanding client. We are open 24×7 with professional staff ready to assist you with all your transporation needs.

Prism Limousine Service is your one-stop transportation service in the Greater Toronto Area also known as GTA. Whether you need a single ride or are planning an elaborate event, Prism Limousine Service makes transportation easy.

If you’re calling on us for a night on the town or a ride to the airport, our pick-ups are prompt and our rates are reasonable. And you’ll appreciate our dedication to excellence when dealing with our courteous and reliable limo service in toronto.

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VIP Treatment for Everyone

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At Prism Limousine Service, every one of our clients gets the VIP treatment, regardless if you’re a one-time traveler or a corporate client. Contact us today to make special arrangements for events such as weddings, meetings, proms and more.

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We have Vehicles for all Occasions

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We believe that each and every occasion has the right vehicle to meet your needs.  For that reason alone, we are proud to say that we offer a very broad range of vehicles that include stretched limousines and corporate cars.

Our extensive fleet is made up of late model vehicles that are always kept in pristine condition. They all feature climate control, very comfortable seats and other amenities depending on the vehicle. Riding with us should make you feel like the star that you are.

Even though some of our clients already have a good idea of what they are looking for before they contact us, there are others where that is not the case.  That being said, it is very important for us to take the time to talk through all of our clients needs no matter what so that we can make the best professional opinion/options to help fill each of there requirements.

There are even times that we are able to come up with solutions to your transportation needs that you hadn’t even thought of yet all while making sure that your reason for contacting us and using our service is as seamless as possible.

We take the Stress out of Transportation

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Our limousine service gives you the opportunity to not only travel in style, luxury and comfort but also do us completely worry free. Our professional drivers will always make sure that you get to your final destination on time while you are able to enjoy the scenery.

One of the biggest hassles with driving in a city that you do not know is figuring out directions and parking.  Our services take care of that hassle for you.  Let us figure out the best route to get you to your final destination and remember, where ever you are dropped off is exactly where you will be picked up whenever you are ready.

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