Corporate Limos

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Easy Pick-Ups

Personal or business use, ensure to arrive in style to your next event in A Prism limo

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Corporate Limo Bus Services

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Frequent travelers and business executives are often overwhelmed by tedious amounts  of paperwork. After a while, the receipts and expense reports start to pile up. Wouldn’t it be easier to just add it to the tab?

As a toronto limousine service provide, to make life easier, we offer an all-inclusive Corporate Account tailored to your individual needs. We’ll take care of the paperwork and conveniently provide you with an itemized bill at a predefined interval (e.g., once a month). Corporate accounts streamline the billing process and take the hassle out of paying for each and every ride. And because it makes life easier for us, too, you’ll get a discount!

Unmatched service. Uncompromising standards. Unbelievable attention to detail. That’s why Prism is the only Toronto Limousine Service provider your business should do business with. Because no other company is as committed to our corporate clients – or willing to accommodate your every need.

In fact, corporate services are our specialty. We’re passionate about providing the finest Corporate Client Limousine Service in Toronto. And we’re constantly looking for ways to make our services even better to meet this goal.

Our Business Is Here To Serve You

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Benefits of a Corporate Limo Bus Account in Toronto

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Benefits of a Corporate Limo Account in Toronto One of the perks of being involved in a successful corporation is that you get to ride around in a limo bus all the time! If you don’t want to deal with all of the paperwork – just call Prism Limousines. Our all-inclusive corporate account is tailored to your specific needs.

Since Toronto is a booming city with many corporations, locals and frequent business travelers to the city alike need professional chauffeurs. You can call us if you need a corporate limo bus for any reason:

  • To hold a mobile conference or meeting
  • Airport travel for yourself, clients, and/or associates
  • Transportation to and from a hotel to the meeting place
  • Transportation for everyone required to attend a sales meeting
  • General transportation

We have more than just cars in our fleet; we have buses and vans as well. We have cars for just one or two people, mid-sized vehicles for four to twelve people, and mini-vans and buses for large groups.  You can select a vehicle with business amenities to use at your convenience: large high-resolution displays, Wi-Fi service, office equipment, etc.

Choosing Corporate Limo Bus Rental Service

There are quite a few companies in the GTA trying to offer limousine bus services to business clientele. However, many of them are unreliable. No matter what kind of business you’re involved in, unreliable transportation is the one thing you really don’t want.

You also don’t want to be stuck in a dirty limo bus with worn seats. Your clients won’t be impressed at all if the limo isn’t clean and pristine.  Not all limo companies have the resources to keep their fleet well-maintained at all times.

Prism guarantees dependability with our limo bus services. Our drivers will always be on time, no matter when and where you need them. Each and every vehicle in our fleet comes with GPS, flight tracking technology, road condition notifications, and other tracking technology. You can trust that the driver will take the quickest route possible to get you and your associates to your destination safely.

We also take good care of our stretch cars, vans, and buses. They are always 100% clean and in excellent condition.

Benefits of Corporate Limo Bus Account

Why go through the entire booking process over and over again each and every time you need a limo bus? If you’ll need one often, it’s better to have an all-inclusive account with a reliable company. Prism offers a corporate account that streamlines the billing process – you’ll even get a discount!

Impress clients and business partners by letting them ride around in a sleek limo with shiny leather seats and Wi-Fi. Our corporate team will make sure that your executive limousine is always on time, whether you need airport pickup, hotel pickup, transportation to and from a conference event, etc.

With office facilities actually built inside of the limo bus, you can get work done while you’re relaxing in a comfortable seat. Having your very own executive car and professional driver will allow you to get more work completed.

Creating Your Account

Call us and let us know about your corporate needs, and we’ll help you create a custom account. Let us handle all of the paperwork and details!

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Why choose Prism Limousine?

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When renting a luxury limousine bus in Toronto, Prism Limousine should be at the top of mind.  We have been in the industry offering top notch service for the last 10 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our vehicles and drivers are all top of the line and we guarantee customer satisfaction is a key component of our business.

Call us today and see what sets us apart from the competition!
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