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Picking the right SUV limo can be quite tricky because most limos Toronto has come well equipped with gadgets and fittings that are simply exquisite. Here are a few major pointers on how to pick the right limo SUV.

Picking the right SUV is easily done with our help so as to ensure that you have the right vehicle for your needs while enjoying the luxury that comes with any limo taxi Toronto. Let help you choose the best ride from our fleet today.


There are high chances that all the SUVs at your disposal have the same accessories. It is at this point that you go for your vehicle of choice especially if you are a car enthusiast. Picking the model you love most in limo form will gratify you most as compared to picking any ride provided. The SUV limos include Lincolns, Chevrolets, Cadillacs and Modified Range Rovers among many others. This also means that you will need to know the options on the table. It helps a lot to go to the company offices and take a view or a feel of what is available as you may never know what you will fall in love with.

Identify Your Challenge/ Purpose

This simply means knowing the purpose for which you are picking the vehicle so as to make the right choice. The destination will matter as much as the purpose of the SUV. The best limo services Toronto in SUV form are designed to tackle tough terrain although this may change in limos due to the stretch factor of the vehicle. A longer SUV will have a challenge tackling some neighborhoods or roads as compared to one not as long and so it would be advisable to take shorter SUVs in crowded and rough terrain areas. Longer SUVs can easily tackle the big city and good roads.

Space Available

SUVs will also come in different sizes which translate to different capacities. Your event will determine how much space you need. You can have a huge SUV that has little space due to the amount of equipment within its interior or one that has more space if equipped with lesser equipment and fittings. A longer SUV will allow you to take quite a number of people which will be more convenient for you if taking a larger group. Taking a huge SUV with very few people may not be entirely economical for you at this point. The size of the limo and the number of people you wish to ferry to your destination will largely determine the kind of limo you will use at the end of the day.

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