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Limousines just like any other vehicles on the roads come well regulated so as to keep the passengers, drivers and the pedestrians safe. Limousine drivers are well trained to handle the long vehicles with caution bearing in mind that the maneuvers taken using a stretch limo will be different from those of a normal car. This is just one of the many safety precautions that limo companies are required to observe so as to ensure that all road users are safe.

Other regulations include:

CPR and First Aid

It is required that all the limo taxi Toronto drivers undergo extensive CPR and First Aid classes for the benefit of their passengers. This could save lives in the long run.

Driver Trainings

The best limo service Toronto must meet the driving standards of the regulations board. The drivers have to undergo rigorous training for the purpose of guaranteeing passenger safety and security. The drivers must have clean public records without any prior criminal dealings.

Speed Limits

All limos Toronto, like other vehicles will have different speed limits on different lanes depending on the purpose of the limo. Limos that will not have the passengers buckled during the trip have lower speed limits so as to keep the passengers safe during the ride. For instance, there are limos used for parties where the passengers will be dancing and moving about during the ride meaning that they will not have any safety belts on. These will have limited speeds so as to ensure that the passengers are comfortable all through the ride.

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Vehicle Remodel Licenses

Most limos are remodeled from normal luxury cars which means standards have to be set and adhered to for safety purposes. Regulations have been set for the manufacturers to ensure that the vehicles remain safe in terms of stability and road use given that most of the previous structures are now changed. Safety regulations at this point come in to ensure that the remodeling is done in the right way and that the vehicle passes the standard set for road use.

Substance Use

Drunk driving is illegal anywhere in Toronto. Although limos function by a slightly different set of rules the chauffeur has to remain professional in all instances. This includes avoiding any alcohol use during the trips for the safety of the passengers.

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