Airport Limo Bus Services

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Ensure to arrive on time for your next flight with Prism’s quick and reliable limo services

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Airport Transfer Limo Bus Services

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We can get you to and from the airport in a Toronto limo bus at any time from any place in the city.

Simply tell us your airline and flight number, and we’ll make sure you arrive at the airport well before your departure and pick you up when you come back to town!

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Airport Procedure:

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Once arrived, collect your luggage and proceed to the following prearranged area:

  • Terminal 1 – Post D
  • Terminal 2 – Post No. 21
  • Terminal 3 – Post No. 29

At the post, provide the airport commissionaire (dressed in blue uniform) your name and ask that Prism Limousine be called in. The limo bus will arrive in 5 minutes.

If there is no commissionaire at the post or the commissionaire advises you there is no limo from Prism, then please give us a call at 416-913-1088 immediately and we will dispatch the driver from the airport compound.

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Airport Transfer Services Include:

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Impecable Service

When you use Prism Limousine Bus Services, we will always pick you up from home or hotel, help you with your luggage at pick up and drop off, help you get in and out of the car and of course offer a hassle-free trip to the airport where you will be dropped off at the correct long before your flight leaves.

We make sure to eliminate the stress of dealing with traffic, trying to find a parking spot and focusing on not loosing your parking ticket stub.  We want you to be focusing on your trip and nothing else.

If we are going to be picking you up at Pearson International Airport, we make sure you always know in advance the type of car that will be picking you and exactly where we will be waiting for you.  The days of fighting others for the limited amount of cabs available will be over, your driver will always be there waiting for you.

Professional/Certified Drivers

It doesn’t matter which terminal or gate you are flying out of or arriving at, our experienced drivers are very familiar with all of the airports in the Toronto area.  We will always make sure that you are picked up/dropped off as close as we possible can to your specific entrance/exit.

All you need to do is let your driver know your terminal and airline and they will make sure you get to where you need to be.

One of the most important things when going to the airport is making sure you account for how long it is going to take you to get there.  With all of the experience we have travelling from all over the city of Toronto to the airport at different times of the day, we have a very good idea about how long the trip should take.  All you need to do is let us know what time your flight is when booking and we will tell you what time we will be picking you up.  Don’t worry, you will always more than enough time to get through customs/security and make sure you are able to do some duty free shopping before your flight.

Vehicles of all Shapes and Sizes

No matter how much luggage you have, our fleet can meet your needs.  When booking, just let us know where you are going and for how long and we can give you a couple of options that will best suite your needs to make sure you and your luggage arrive at the airport all in one piece.  We will always have the right vehicle to accommodate all of your travel needs.

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Let Prism Limousine Bus get your trip going

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Even if you are going on a trip that you have been planning for over a year, and you thought the stressful part was finished, you may have forgotten about the stress caused by getting to the airport while fighting Toronto traffic.

Let us help you eliminate that stress by utilizing the luxurious airport transfer service offered by Prism Limousine. Our entire fleet is filled with new, clean and safe vehicles.  Furthermore, our all of our drivers are experienced and fully licensed professionals who are dedicated to excellent customer service and helping you start your trip out right.

The Best Airport Limo Bus Service Rental in Toronto!

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The Best Airport Limo Service Rental in Toronto! Prism Limousine’s private airport limo service to and from Pearson International Airport provides safe and luxurious transportation. Whether you’re flying into the Greater Toronto Area or leaving, you will need reliable ground transportation. Why wait around for a taxi? Or get on a bus with a bunch of tourists? A rental car might not be ideal if you don’t want to drive in a busy city.  It’s far more convenient to get your own private ride in a limousine. Let our experienced drivers get you around smoothly and safely.

Booking Your Airport Limo Bus Rental

The Pearson Airport in Toronto is the largest and busiest airport in Canada. Regardless of the time of day, ground traffic to and from the airport is bustling. If you’re not familiar with the city, or simply don’t like driving in hectic traffic, booking a limo bus rental is the best option.

Booking is simple. Just let us know when to pick you up and how many people are in your party. We will give you a variety of options to help you choose the right vehicle for the event. You can count on Prism Limousine to always have the right car or bus to accommodate all of your needs.

Advantages of Airport Limousine Bus Services

There are many reasons why you would want to rent a limo bus ride to and from the airport:

  • Comfortable airport transfers, day and night
  • Point-to-point services
  • City tour availability at your request
  • Luxury experience for special events
  • Safe transportation to/from anywhere in the city, not just for yourself, but for anyone you’re with as well as your luggage.
  • Punctuality, whether you need to arrive in plenty of time for your flight, or from the airport to any destination in Ontario where you have an appointment.
  • No hectic traffic to deal with; no standing in lines. You won’t have to deal with any hassles. If there are any traffic jams, our drivers will be informed of it through our scanners and communication systems. An alternate route will be chosen to ensure that you make it smoothly and safely to the airport or hotel.

If you need limo bus services to pick up clients or business partners, Prism Limousine offers everything you need for giving them a good impression.

Certified Drivers

Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable about all of the airports in the GTA. We offer a Meet and Greet service that allows you to meet with the driver at a specific terminal. It will be easy to find the driver, and he/she will guide you straight to the vehicle. We guarantee that the driver will be there waiting for you when your plan lands. If you need a ride to Pearson, our driver will pick you up from any hotel or place of business in the city.

Accommodating Your Needs

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone or with a group of people – we will be able to provide you with the ideal sized vehicle precisely when you need it. Even if you have a lot of luggage, our drivers will accommodate you.

Fill out our airport rental limo bus booking form for a free quote today!

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